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The Official National body of the Fancy in Australia

To find a Club/s in your home State or City/Region just follow the ANCC Affiliated Clubs & State Councils link

The intention of this website is to provide the one stop resource for all things ANCC, here you will find the ANCC Constitution which contains the aims of the Council, the ANCC Rules and Regulations and you can get clarification on the requirements to obtaining a Stud Prefix in Australia.

You will find on this site the minutes of the ADM, all information on developing new Breeds in Australia and the Australian Standards.

Links to our own ANCC FaceBook page and the various State Councils as well as some clubs can also be found here and we strongly encourage you to contact your local club/council, they are full of experienced and novice fanciers alike and the wealth of invaluable information the members hold for new and experienced fanciers is going to leave most of your queries answered.


It is with a great deal of regret that the National Show Organising Committee in consultation with the executive of the ANCC have concluded that the 2020 National Cavy Show is not able to take place. While the situation has been closely monitored by the National Show Organising Committee for some time this decision has recently been taken out of their hands through the emergency procedures invoked to restrict the spread of Covid-19. The restrictions on travel between states, and even within some states, as well as restrictions on the number of people that may gather have made it impossible to proceed with the show. 

Much of the preparation and planning has been carried out including invitations to international judges. Because of the uncertainty that has loomed over the preparations for this year’s show the organisers have applied a great deal of flexibility to enable arrangements to be seamlessly shifted to the 2021 National Show. Because of the preparations that have already been negotiated, or are in negotiation, it is a rather obvious step that the 2020 National Show Organising Committee should stay in place and continue their very good and insightful work in planning and preparing the 2021 National Show. While this is based on a great deal of common sense it is also an acknowledgement to the great efforts of, and disappointment felt by, the 2020 National Show Organising Committee. I’m sure I speak for everyone in the fancy in acknowledging our appreciation of their efforts and relay our confidence in them to deliver a great 2021 National Cavy Show. 




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