Australian National Cavy Inc - ANCC


ANCC Show Rules


1. OWNERS or representatives can steward their own cavies. NO talking athe show table except by Judge or Steward
2. THE Judge can disqualify any cavy he/she thinks unfit for showing.
3. NO Judge or immediate family of that judge or a member of that judges household or persons or people in partnership with that Judge, are able to show their cavies at a National Show at which he/she is offiiciating.
4. STOCK purchased from a cavy judge cannot be exhibited under that judge at a national Show until the expiration of SIX months from the date of purchase.
5. THE method of judging, whether points system or otherwise is left to the discretion of the judge.
6. THE judges decision is final and no discussion will be entered into at the table.
7. ANY judge may order any person or cavy from the competition for bad conduct of one or both. 
8. ANY judge who contracts for a show and cannot fulfil his/her duty for a legitimate reason should contact and so notify the show committee where he/she was hired. The responsibility to seek a substitute judge lies with the Show Committee (of the Host State).
9. LATE entries will NOT be accepted
10. ALL breeds of cavies will have their own class, regardless of numbers of cavies entered in each class and regardless of numbers of exhibitors in each class.
11. ALL cavies entered for exhibition at the National Show must be six months of age or over on the day of the show.
12. ALL cavies entered for exhibition at the National Show will be judged as per the appropriate ANCC Standard.
13. NAILS on all caviesa are to be trimmed where necessary and failure to comply will be penalised at the judges discretion.
14. PROGRAMMES of cavies entered, comprising cavy's name, owners name and State to be handed out to exhibitors on the day of the show.
15. THE organisers of the show or their representatives shall ensure that no person gives the judge any indication as to the ownership of an exhibit not already placed in all classes for which it is entered and no attempt be made in any way to influence his/her awards.


Best Self, Best Crested, Best Marked, Best Ticked, Best Longhair, Best Satin, Best Coarse Coat

Best In Show, Reserve Best in Show, Best Intermediate in Show, Reserve Best Intermediate in Show


PLACES awarded for each class at the National Show shall be based on the number of entries present on the day:

Class of up to 10 entries: 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings will be awarded

Class of 10 to 14 entries: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th placings will be awarded

Class of 15 entries and over: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th placings will be awarded

18. FOLLOWING each National Show the organisers of that show shall forward a complete set of RESULTS AND AN AUDITED BALANCE SHEET to the secretary of the ANCC within 60 days from the end of the show and shall forward a copy of this balance sheet and a list of all Perpetual Trophy holders to the club or Statewhich is ot host the following National Show.
19. NO SMOKING will be allowed in the show hall.
20. ALL cavies exhibited at a National Cavy SHow MUST be entire (not desexed). Any cavies found to NOT be entire will be disqualified.

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